Get to know Intelligent Insights
The Intelligent Insights Icon
Before jumping into the core features we wanted to take a moment to touch on one of the most powerful aspects of Watchtower. A system we call Intelligent Insights.
Each day we index and process millions of NFT events. But instead of just simply storing these raw events as they are. We send each event off to be processed by our Intelligent Insights system.
During that processing we label each event with powerful additional information determined by a constantly expanding combination of algorithms and custom data-sets.
This additional information let's us highlight insights that enable you to identify things such as:
  • Potential panic sellers
  • Intelligent investors buying into a collection
  • Influencers selling out of a collection
  • What different communities and alpha groups are buying
This is a huge improvement over complex analysis tools and almost acts as your very own alpha assistant. Highlighting things throughout the Watchtower platform. What's better, this is just the start for Intelligent Insights! There are limitless possibilities of how these can further simplify and enhance the process of discovering key and valuable insights and allow you to make better trades. You'll see the different places intelligent insights pop up as you go through the Learn section of this document. Watchtower itself also highlights where intelligent insights pop up via the eye icon shown in the above image.