Analytics Feed

The analytics feed is a great way to see important top level data surrounding a collection.

Price / Volume

Price and Volume shows you the average price and volume of a collection over a given time period (24H / 7D / 30D)

Recent Sales

Recent sales is a live updating scatter chart of the most recent sales for a collection. Hovering over any individual point will allow you to see the associated asset as well as it's sale price

Intelligent Insights

Intelligent Insights is incredibly powerful for understanding if important market makers are entering or exiting a collection.
You're able to see how many buys and sells of the collection have been made by wallets labelled Intelligent Investor, Bluechip Holder and Influential Money over a given time period (15M / 1H / 24H). Using the example below you can see that this project had significantly more intelligent investors and bluechip holders buy into this collection than sell out of it. For more information on each label check out the Labels page

Sales to Listings Ratio

Sales to Listings ratio is a percentage that represents the number of sales relative to the number of listings. This is a useful metric for gaging collection demand. High Sales to Listings Ratio: More demand for a collection as there are a lot of sales happening relative to listings
Low Sales to Listings Ratio: Less demand for a collection as there are fewer sales happening relative to listings


Distribution tells you how distributed the collection is amongst holder wallets. The higher the distribution the less chance a small group of wallets control a collections market.