Let's breakdown some of the key features available on event items in Watchtower:

Intelligent Insight Labels

If applicable you'll see intelligent insight labels next to the type of event type badge (listing, sale). These labels help you quickly identify deal opportunities such as a panic seller or if a seller is offloading. You can read more information on each label on the Labels page

Rarity / Traits

Watchtower has partnered up with Rarity Sniper to provide fast and accurate trait and rarity information. You can see the rarity ranking of any ranked collection via the small diamond label on the bottom left of the asset image.
Hovering over the ranking label will provide you a tooltip showing full trait breakdown for that asset as well as each traits % within a collection.
An example of the rarity / trait tooltip when hovered

Breakeven Tooltip

It's easy to forget about the fees incurred in making a trade, but these are vital as they can eat heavily into your profit. Even more so with high royalty collections (We're looking at you free mints).
The breakeven tooltip helps you mitigate the risk of overestimating a trades profitability. Simply hover over a listing events price and you'll see a rough estimate of the price you'd need to sell that item for in order to breakeven.
We use the royalties of the collection + the standard OpenSea 2.5% to calculate the breakeven price for you.