Introduction to Watchtower

Welcome to the Tower


Watchtower is a powerful NFT trading insight platform designed to let you discover opportunities earlier, make smarter investment / trading decisions and ultimately become a more profitable trader.

Why Watchtower?

Most analytics tools provide investors with just the raw data and charting. For most investors that aren't looking to do advanced technical analysis or data science, this can be confusing and leave you unsure of what you're looking for.
Unlike other analytics tools on the market Watchtower tags and identifies signals in the data for you. This means interesting and powerful signals jump right out at you amongst the noise. It's like having your own personal alpha assistant

Getting the most out of Watchtower

Throughout the following sections of these docs we'll cover the key areas and features available in Watchtower. Understanding the different features and how they work will allow you to get the most out of the tool.
We've also added a Recent Updates section at the bottom of these docs as place to easily see new additions as we release new features and updates to Watchtower.
You can also get updates and tips via our Twitter and Discord accounts